From Outsiders to the Olympics 

What were once lifestyle fads have evolved into some of the world's
fastest-growing sports and are now set to debut on the world’s biggest stage – the Olympic Games. Step inside the journey of three new sports born on the fringes of society – skateboarding, surfing, and sport
climbing – alongside names like Tony Hawk, Emily Harrington, and
Sofia Mulanovich.


Directed: Cole Sax & Galen Knowles
Producers: Kip Perry
Art Director: Yuval Haker
Lead Editor: Brett Thomas
Editors: Loren James Creer, Barry Mottier, Jack Hessler, Alex Hadden
Assistant Editor: Josh M Steele
Motion Designer: Elena Chudoba
Animators: Arthur Gutilla, Alon Sivan, Hao Li
Archival Producer: Brent Lovell
Researcher: William Triplett
Music Supervisor: Marielle Jade Te Erik Sutch
Online Editors: Bari Goodis, Viktor Metelev
Colorist: Bari Goodis