Geoff McFetridge:
Drawing a Life

I'm very happy to be involved in the production of this documentary. Geoff is one of my favorite artists, so it's an honor for me to create animations for some of his sketches in this documentary about him.

Dan is an outstanding director, and he gave me a lot of creative freedom in this project, allowing me to create based on my understanding.

The documentary was selected for the SXSW Film Festival and ultimately won an award.


Director: Dan Covert
Executive Producer: Spike Jonze, Andre Andreev, Amanda Adelson
Producer: Dan Covert
Screenwriter: Erik Auli, Dan Covert, Amy Dempsey, Tara Rose Stromberg
Cinematographer: Claudio Rietti, Daniel Vecchione
Editor: Erik Auli, Dan Covert
Sound Designer: YouTooCanWoo
Music: YouTooCanWoo: David Perlick Molinari, Derek Muro

Cel Animation: Hao Li