The Lonely Goalkeeper

For the Arsenal legend Bob Wilson, goalies must have “a desperate sense of courage.”
This is the first animation I anticipated with DressCode studio a few years ago and it recently released and published at The New York Times, read with more details here: The Lonely Goalkeeper


Director: Andre Andreev
Head of Post Production and Operations: Tara Rose Stromberg
Producers: Tara Rose Stromberg, Dan Covert, Brad Edelstein, Anna Butler
Assistant Producer: Mayele Yebo
Head of Production: Amy Dempsey
Animation Director: Vincenzo Lodigiani
Animation: Sonya Han, Taik Lee, Hao Li, Rasmus Löwenbrååt, Zach Scholl, Sunny Yazdani
Art Director: Wes Ebelhar
Design: Elena Chudoba, Maddie Edgar, Sonya Han, Yuval Haker, Simone Noronha, Rasmus Löwenbrååt
Featuring: Robert Primerose Wilson
Archival Audio: “The Loneliness of The Goalkeeper” BBC Radio 4
Research: Richard Kroll
Music & Sound: YouTooCanWoo
Director of Photography: Connor Lawson
First Assistant of Camera: Logan Gee
Production Assistants: Jonathan Dontchev, Emily Oshins

Earlier concept/Animation test: